Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm So Sorry hafis... For Everything..

Seriously, I really don't know what happened to myself lately. I just confused... I know this is a big mistake that I've already made... but I don't wanna see you suffer anymore... You've been through a lot of hard time... I don't wanna burden you anymore...

 I knew that I'm not perfect, and I never will.. I am just a normal person living in this world... Nothing special about me. I... I never meant to hurt you. Believe me, this is my toughest decision I've ever made. But I think, this is the best. Best for both of us... Before we're gone too far. I don't wanna be someone who destroy ur life. You deserve a better life, with a better person.

I will accept all the hatred and anger. I deserve that. People do whatever they wanna do. Let this only be in me... No ones will understand. Yeah... I am complicated person. Nobody's know me well... Except Him... However, it's already over between us. Let me keep all the memories between us.
I hope, you will go on with your life. Never looks back. You are the toughest person I've ever met. Yeah... You deserve a person far far better from me. I just don't qualified enough to be by your side. I don't know how to please people, I don't how to treat people well... I'm just a f**kin' shit person. I admit that. May Allah blessed you always... Amin..

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